Building Wind Resistance (Serviceability & Safety)

Building Envelope Technologies carry out Building Wind Resistance Testing on curtain walling, doors, windows, roof lights, cladding, and roofs.

The testing is carried out in accordance with:

  • EN 12211: 2000
  • EN 12179:2000
  • CWCT Section 11
  • CWCT Section 12
  • CWCT Section 13
  • CWCT Section 14

BET can provide bespoke testing solutions where required.

Building Wind Resistance Testing Procedure

Testing for Building Wind Resistance is carried out on façades to simulate the planned wind environment of the product. Wind resistance testing tests façades for their ability to withstand high winds, tunnelling, and peak pressure loading caused by storms.

Testing is carried out in BET’s off-site laboratory in Arklow, Co Wicklow, Ireland. However, Building Wind Resistance Testing can be carried out on-site or on the manufacturer’s premises where required.

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