Air Permeability Test

BET offer bespoke “Air Permeability” Test Solutions on windows and doors and Facade Air Permeability Testing in accordance with the following:

  • EN 1026: 2000
  • EN 12155:2000
  • CWCT Section 5

An Air Permeability Test is carried out to assess the performance of curtain walling, doors, windows, cladding, rooflights and composite roofs to assess their suitability for their use in construction.

Building Envelope Technologies can provide specialist consulting advice with respect to the permeability of building envelopes, the facade leakage, and the advantages and disadvantages for the building and its occupants.

Air Permeability Test Method

The Air Permeability Test Method is a reliable and cost-effective way to measure the rate of air movement through walls, ceilings, and other building components. It involves drawing a known quantity of air into an enclosure and measuring the pressure differential between two sides of the test sample. The results indicate how much air can pass through the material.

This testing method provides valuable information that informs decisions on how to improve the building’s airtightness, reduce energy consumption, and increase comfort levels. It is also an effective way of gauging a building's overall performance in terms of its ability to prevent or minimise air leakage.

The Air Permeability Test results are used as part of the Building Regulations assessment process for new buildings to ensure compliance with the relevant standards. This method of testing is also useful when retrofitting buildings to improve their efficiency.

With its cost-effectiveness and reliability, Air Permeability Testing is an ideal way to improve building performance across both new and existing structures.

Testing is carried out in BET’s off-site laboratory in Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. However, testing can also be conducted on-site, on the manufacturer’s premises, or wherever required.

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