CPD Training

Our training material has developed over the last sixteen years, drawing on our consultancy and testing experience on a wide variety of projects. CPD Training can be tailored to a particular sector or be project specific.

Our approach to achieving high standards of building integrity has always been to integrate airtightness and weather performance into the building fabric, envelope systems, and interface detailing from the very beginning. This ensures high levels of performance, which are durable over the life of the building, not just when it is tested on completion.

Understanding the principles behind designing, specifying, and constructing an airtight building is becoming essential for architects, engineers, and contractors. Gaining additional support and expertise in design, site management, quality control, and specialist training is the key to successfully achieving compliance at the end of the project.

What is CPD Training?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training is a structured approach to learning to maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills, and competencies of professionals across different sectors. CPD Training can include toolbox talks, short courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, or online learning programs.

This type of training provides professionals with valuable insights into their particular sector that will help them stay current and ahead of the curve.

Benefits of CPD Training

BET has delivered successful CPD Training sessions to many of Ireland’s leading construction, architectural, government departments, and consultancy companies. These sessions have been tailored around particular aspects of current projects.

Training for the design team ensures that specification and drawings comprehensively cover the building’s airtightness requirements.

On-site toolbox talks are invaluable in identifying the necessary approach by site management and specialist sub-contractors that is necessary to pass the test the first time.

BET is committed to providing tailored CPD Training sessions that can help ensure this success.

CPD Training will help you gain:

  • Up-to-date industry information
  • The ability to apply the best practices and processes
  • Enhanced professional competence
  • Improved skillsets
  • Better problem-solving approaches
  • Better efficiency in delivering projects
  • A competitive edge

Investing in CPD Training can help you optimise your team’s performance by building career paths, increasing their knowledge base, and developing their understanding of key aspects of current Building Regulations. This will ultimately lead to successful project delivery for all involved.

The specialist CPD Training provided by BET will also ensure that your building works are designed, specified, constructed, and compliant to all relevant standards from concept to completion, creating a more efficient, durable structure which will provide years of service with minimal maintenance.

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