Why BET for Building Energy Rating?

At BET, we take pride in delivering a professional and trusted Building Energy Rating (BER) service.

Registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to conduct commercial and domestic Building Energy Ratings, BET is dedicated to helping you meet all applicable Building Regulations TGD Part L, including the new NZEB regulations.

Our experienced team of assessors consists of highly qualified professionals with honours degrees in Building Services/Sustainability Engineering and prior experience working with some of Ireland’s leading engineering consultants.

What is a Building Energy Rating?

A Building Energy Rating is an assessment of the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings. The BER is determined through the thermal modelling of a building's design, allowing for an accurate assessment of its energy performance.

The rating system helps to identify areas where improvements can be made, helping businesses reduce energy costs and improve the environmental sustainability of their buildings.

Compliance with BER regulations is mandatory in many countries, and the ratings are subject to regular reviews. By adhering to these standards, building designers can ensure they are providing a sustainable, efficient, and comfortable property.  

What Factors Can Affect A Building Energy Rating?

Many factors can affect a Commercial Ber or Domestic Ber rating, including:

  • Building orientation and the potential for natural light
  • Size and usage pattern of rooms and areas
  • Airtightness levels
  • Types of heating systems installed
  • Quality of construction materials 
  • How the building is ventilated
  • The building’s insulation levels
  • Quality of light fittings

By considering all of these elements when constructing a new build, it is possible to achieve an improved Building Energy Rating score.

What is a Part L Compliance?

Part L compliance refers to demonstrating compliance with the Building Regulations Technical Guidance Document Part L. TGD Part L is the section of the Building Regulations which addresses the conservation of fuel and energy within dwellings, and all new buildings must comply with these regulations.

BET is a leading expert in this area of Building Regulations and can advise you on the most suitable route to compliance for your project. Buildings which commence before the 1st of January 2019 are subject to TGD Part L 2009, all new constructions are under TDG Part L 2022 or what is commonly known as the ‘NZEB’ (nearly zero energy building) standard.

No matter which regulations apply to your project, our highly qualified assessors have the tools and experience to ensure you get the advice and service you need to ensure you deliver a BER-compliant building.

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