Building Envelope Technologies is currently the only ISO accredited company in Ireland that can carry out performance testing of residential ventilation systems to show compliance with Building Regulations Technical Guidance Document F: Ventilation.

What Is A Ventilation Test?

A Ventilation Test is used to measure the rate of air exchange in a building. It assesses how much fresh air is brought into the structure and the efficiency of the building’s ventilation system in removing stale air.

Ventilation Tests are routinely conducted on both residential and commercial buildings to ensure the safety and comfort of those inside. The test can help you quickly identify air quality issues such as dampness, inadequate ventilation, and the presence of hazardous gases.

It can also determine ideal areas for fresh air intake to ensure a healthier indoor environment. The results of the test can help guide decisions about ventilation system upgrades and other measures that improve air quality in a building.

Why Do You Need a Domestic Ventilation Test?

With buildings becoming better insulated and more airtight, we are relying on ventilation systems more than ever to provide clean, fresh air to our homes. Due to the nature of ventilation systems, it can be difficult to know if enough polluted air is being extracted or if you are getting the required fresh air supplied into your home. In addition to this, over-ventilation or unbalanced systems can also lead to uncomfortable conditions and higher heating costs.

A Ventilation Test measures airflow rates to give you peace of mind that your ventilation system is functioning as intended. Our highly trained ventilation testers all hold honours degrees in engineering as a minimum qualification and have worked on some of Ireland’s leading residential developments and commercial buildings. This experience allows them to carry out the test accurately and gives real insight into identifying problems which may be present in the ventilation system.

Benefits of A Ventilation Test

There are numerous benefits to getting your ventilation systems tested:

  • Measure air flow rates in and out of your home to quantify the fresh air being supplied and air containing pollutants such as odours, moisture, CO2, VOCs and allergens being extracted.
  • Identify over-ventilation of dwellings which can lead to high heating costs.
  • Verify the system has been correctly balanced and commissioned by the installer.
  • Ensure the system is operating as the designer intended.
  • Prove compliance with the flow rates stated in Building Regulations TGD Part F with an INAB accredited report.

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