Flood Testing of Roofing Systems

Our flat roof leak testing procedure provides the building owner and building designers with a method for testing the watertightness of waterproofing installations applied to horizontal surfaces (roofing systems). Flood testing is used for checking waterproofing installations on flat roof installations over habitable spaces.

Applicable waterproofing membrane installations that are regularly tested are fully adhered or bonded sheet membranes, liquid or fluid applied membranes, or loose laid sheet membranes. Flood testing is completed if no leaks are determined to have occurred during the test period and the membrane and flashings are intact (e.g. not blistered).

The testing should be performed only after waterproofing membrane and flashings are inspected and any deficiencies repaired.

Benefits of Flat Roof Leak Testing

Regular flood testing ensures that your roof is structurally sound and free from potential leaks for years to come.

Flat roof leak testing helps you:

  • Ensure the roof is in good working order
  • Identify blockages or corrosion before heavy rain events
  • Spot hidden issues which could lead to costly repairs
  • Prevent the spread of dangerous mould and mildew
  • Take preventative steps to avoid future flood damage

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