Glazing Desiccant/Dew Point Check

The Glazing Desiccant or Dew Point Test is a process which detects glazing units which will fail within a relatively short timescale. The testing of insulated glass helps to determine if edge seals are performing well or are near failure.


We will bring our glazing desiccant testing equipment directly to your project to test your glass units, with our experienced assessors using the ASTM E576-14 (2020) Standard Test Method for Frost/Dew Point of Sealed Insulating Glass Units test method. The dewpoint inside the insulating glass is a good indicator of the unit’s quality and longevity.

Who Should Perform Glazing Desiccant Testing?

You may need to undertake testing of the glazing desiccant in your glass units if you are a:

  • Window manufacturer showing the quality of outsourced insulated glass
  • Building owner testing the condition of existing glass
  • Building owner experiencing glass failures
  • Contractor testing the quality of newly installed glass
  • Building inspector determining anticipated longevity of existing insulated glass
  • Glass consultant assessing and testing glass quality in the event of failure or dispute

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