Expert Thermography Testing

BET Thermography Testing ensures you meet the relevant standards for residential and commercial buildings. Our experienced thermography engineer is ITC Level III qualified and uses camera equipment recognised as the highest quality available.

BET has carried out over 1500 thermal imaging building surveys since 2001 on a number of Ireland’s flagship buildings, including UCD Sciences Centre, Apple European Head Quarters, and Merck Sharp and Dhome (MSD).

Our thermal imaging reports have been used in litigation for previous and current projects, and we provide expert witness as part of our services.

What is Thermography?

Thermography is the process of measuring temperature differences in objects through an infrared imaging device. This process allows technicians to detect anomalies or problems in electrical components, equipment, and systems that may not yet be visible to the naked eye. The resulting thermal images can then be used for diagnostic purposes to help identify potential issues before they become severe and costly.

Thermography requires a high level of skill, experience, and training to conduct surveys effectively and interpret images correctly. The standard of the camera used is also critical. Certain conditions must exist if thermographic observations are to give an accurate view of air leakage and thermal bridging in the building fabric.

Thermography surveys or Thermal Imaging Surveys, as they are also known, can be conducted to identify cold bridging, discontinuity in, or substandard levels of insulation. Thermographic photography can also be useful in identifying air leakage paths when more cost-effective methods (tracer smoke) cannot be used.

Thermal Imaging Survey

A Thermal Imaging Survey is a non-invasive and cost-effective method of surveying buildings. Using infrared cameras, the survey produces an image that reveals areas of heat loss or moisture ingress in both residential and commercial properties. The survey provides invaluable information on the building's structural integrity and energy efficiency, enabling it to be quickly and easily monitored over time.

As thermography does not require any intrusive inspection methods, it is safe for occupants and is a reliable way to identify potential problems with a building before they turn into more serious issues.

Thermographic Test Standards

Thermographic Test Standards are designed to help identify and assess potential risks in the building envelope. These standards refer to a wide range of strategies, including infrared camera imagery, that can be used to detect abnormal thermal patterns which may indicate thermal energy loss or air infiltration. This testing process helps ensure that the building is properly insulated, sealed and will provide optimal energy efficiency when heated or cooled.

By conducting regular Thermography Tests, property owners can reduce their utility costs and maintain a comfortable living environment for occupants. Ultimately, thermography can play an important role in ensuring that residential and commercial buildings meet regulatory performance requirements while keeping occupants safe and comfortable.

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